The rain is pouring
In sheets on the ground
And on roofs and gutters;
I marvel at the sound

Washing away
The marks of time passed
To welcome whatever
A new future might bring

Come, sit and think
On paper put ink
Cherish the moment
Before a new one begins

London Bridge

Shh, quiet, do you hear?
That’s the sound
Of the London Bridge,

But wait, there’s something else
Oh, do you see?
That’s our childhood friendship,


I’d rather be

In a middle of nowhere

Than stuck alone

In a small, cramped box

Placed in the middle

Of a crowded room

Where people are partying, happy 

And no one can hear me

Shouting out loud, fighting

For a little attention, and a bit

Of help

Letting Go

Under the silent gaze
Of her only witness
The moon; She watched 
Her memories, her past 
Burning in the fire
The heat, the passion
Warming her hands
In the promising cold 
Of that fateful night


Not an endless, hot desert
Nor a middle of nowhere
But a damp, dark cave
An empty large room
And a canyon
Can make you really feel alone
When you open your mouth to talk
And nothing but your own words
Come back to you

Anybody there?
Anybody there..there…there…

Love You Goodbye

Why can’t I hold you
Like they do on the streets?
Why can’t we sit on a pub
And talk of lovely things?
Why should we hide
The special thing that is us?
Why should I kiss another,
When it’s you that I want?
Why should I stay
Here where it’s dark?
It feels so unfair,
It’s breaking me apart.
They say we shouldn’t,
They say we couldn’t.
It makes me feel sad,
Why can’t we show them the truth? 
If I can just open the doors
And step out into the light,
Then I will be happy,
And you will be free.
But I’m sorry, because I can’t.
The world is cruel;
Perhaps in another life.
A/N: This one is a bit random without following a letter of the week. I just want to write this for this two people I(we all) know. It’s complicated, really. 


I look outside and know:
“I’m going to die today”

The sun is shining,
High and bright
The flowers blooming,
What a beautiful sight

“My scalp is itching,
You think it’s the wig?”
My hand feels tired
My red-rimmed eyes sting

Beep, beep,  beep
I’m in my room,
In pain
In this last moment of bliss;

The birds
They sing
The trees,
They hum—

They know it too,
It’s a good day to die
They fill my ears with music
They sing me goodbye

I close my eyes, I see:
The church,
The choir,
The priest

I look outside, I know:
I’m going to die today

I’m sorry,
I must cause grief to you
But though I wish to stay,
I’m afraid,
I’m leaving this world today

Elementary School

Those were the days
Of rainbows and unicorns;
No worries, oh, no—
(Or so at least not for me)
Lively and gay
That I was, before
A paradise, I was living in
Before the storm came
And swept that paradise away